Parting Gift

It’s hard to believe the semester is practically over. I’ve made some friendships in UGST and I’m surely gonna miss everyone in the class. I shared some laughs with a few people and even those I didn’t really talk to much were great people. Maybe it was because we had 3 classes together but I feel kind of attached to y’all. I’ve learned a lot from UGST. I learned my personality types and what my themes are, conventional and artistic. This class made me break out of my shell. If you think I’m shy now, you should have seen me six months ago. And if you don’t think I’m shy, well then that means that I’m gutting better at being outspoken. UGST also made me realize that my career needs to be something I’m passionate about rather than something that’s safe and I kind of like. I declared my major: pre-RTVF and I’m more than excited to start putting my dreams into action. Despite being nearly deaf from my left ear, I want to pursue a career in audio production. I love music and I want to work with it for the rest of my life. Last but not least personal lessons I’ve learned is to not procrastinate. I’ll probably still do it but it won’t be so bad anymore.
My journey through this class reminds me a bit of the song “Came Out Swinging” by The Wonder Years. Listen to it if you want.

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UGST Final Project

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I must admit, I judge people more than I thought. I always, always judge them on their clothing and their hair. I’ve been proven wrong by these preconceived judgments and I’m getting better at it. My best friend, Bianca, used to hang out with the “cool skaters” that I really didn’t like and I thought they were snobby; so when I met Bianca that’s what I thought about her. Turns out I found my soul mate in my best friend. I identify with the Mexican culture, not Latino. I kinda hate that word actually. I still claim Catholicism even though I’m not really sure where I stand with God because that’s the way I was raised and that’s the only god I’ve believed in. Most people that aren’t Hispanic always ask me if I can bring them food or make it for them. Unless I really like you, that won’t happen. It takes a lot of time and effort, especially tamales because you have to prepare about two days before and most foods are slowly cooked to get the right flavor. Being a girl, Mexican and a first generation university student I get judged a lot. I’m still not seen as a complete equal to a man and I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to being in college (which I didn’t because my high school concentrated a lot on individual attention in our junior and senior year to get us into college.) My parents raised me to be understanding of other people and well yeah even though I might judge you, I’ll try to put that aside while I’m getting to know you. My friends have also taught me all of the street knowledge I have which is very little anyway. I want to study abroad because I’m tired of seeing the same view for the past 18 years of my life and I want to see other cultures and customs being practiced rather than learn about them through textbooks.

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Student Money Management Center

Not to be one of those know-it-alls BUT I was a financial advisor and my job was to help people get out of debt. I already knew these things except I could never take my own advice because I like to buy things and I hardly ever use my own money – thanks mom and dad. Savings are super important and you always have to keep track of your money whether it be through online banking – most banks have an app now and you can monitor everything and everything is updated as soon as it happens – or just old school pen and paper. What I did learn from Rachel is that the Student Money Management Center offers an investing session and helps you understand the different loans you are offered. And they can even help you get only the money you need instead of the big chunk they offer you. I think it’s really awesome because most students are still really unsure of how to spend all this money they’ve been “given.”

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Elevator Pitch

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Group Projects.

First of all, I am typing all of this from a concert so I’m not really sure how it’ll turn out.
Anyway, I have a love/hate relationship with group projects. Yeah, sure, in theory they sound amazing and are beneficial. Sometimes they are actually. But usually they’re a disaster. I like well planned projects where everyone does their share. I hate group projects that leave me doing all the work and not letting me sleep that night.
In a group, I almost always pull through and even pick up everyone else’s slack. I have never just blown off an assignment because I know and hate that stressed out feel. Honestly, I don’t really like group projects because of my past experiences.
Things I’ve learned is to shut up, complain on twitter and to my friends for being dumped with all the work and to prepare for a sleepless night. I can’t really do much because it affects my grade and I don’t wanna get a low grade.

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UGST Goes On Tour

The past two class days have taken tours in both the library and career center. Both are actually really useful, we just don’t take full advantage of it, which we really should because we’re paying for it. 

The day we visited the library I learned that each major has a library liaison. For example, the library liaison for Library & Information Science is Cindy Batman. The list of liaisons is found at

Second, at the library I also learned that the library has an online database where you can find almost anything. It’s right on the home page and we can access online articles, subject guides, e-journals, books and search in other databases as well. Just go to or you can just use a computer at the library that already opens your web browser to it.

Today we visited the career center, what I found most useful was the eagle network, there you can find internships, jobs or even a mentor just go to and create an account to access all it’s features.

Second, I learned that the career center helps with creating a really good resume and even walks you through it on the optimal resume. This can be done in person or by going online to

And here’s a tip: print at the library as much as you are allowed to, after all we are paying for it.

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