Family Career Tree

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Strong Interest and MBTI Career Report

My one and only letter/theme was C – conventional. Even at that it was moderate. On the most part it is accurate. I do like to organize stuff and keep records and snoop around a bit. Long story short, I like to of clerical work. When it comes to work or homework I can be very very organized, the rest of my life is just a total mess. I just make that my number one priority so I guess it pretty accurate. My scale is one big in between my scores range from 37 – 46. I guess I’m a little of everything.

 One of my top ten occupations is Broadcast Journalist. I would love to do this. They set up interviews and gather people’s opinions and report on it. They format their own report and pitch in new story ideas. It’s like I’m getting paid to “creep” which I already do for fun. I just don’t want very little to no airtime. I love to dig around and find out what’s going and talk to different people about a certain issue I just don’t want to be on tv in front of a lot of people, ya feel?

 My personal style scales are

  1. You likely prefer a balance of working alone and working with people
  2. You seem to prefer to learn by doing
  3. You probably prefer to lead my example
  4. You may dislike taking risks
  5. You probably enjoy the role of independent contribor

Yes, yes a thousand times. I’m al for a team effort but sometimes I just need to do things on my own. I don’t want to read and go to class to learn to do something; I’d rather have someone show me. Leadership isn’t for me. I don’t want to be given the title, I’d rather earn it and have people follow me out of their own free will. I don’t like to take huge risks, because I don’t want to mess up. There are times when I’m like “yolo” and go for it and benefit me. 5 and 1 go hand in hand so I guess I was leaning more towards on taking on my own responsibilities than share them.

 Even though I’m a C, I was given CAE majors. I’m way more interested in the A majors though. Both journalism and mass communication caught my attention but then I found out mass communication is just like news and stuff like that. I’m not too sure what it really is and UNT doesn’t offer it so that’s a bummer. Journalism is at UNT and there’s two different journalism departments. One with a concentration in news(pretty much mass communication, I think) which deals with reporting, writing, photojournalism and editing which I think I’m gonna do and the other is a concentration in strategic communications which is advertising, public relations and integrated communication. I have no idea what that really means to be honest and that’s why I don’t want to do this particular journalism major.

 My very top career field is financial advising and I already do that and I don’t really like it so I decided to go with editing. I picked public relations specialist just because it has a bright outlook. They “promote or create an intended public image for individuals, groups, or organizations.” They listen to people and adapt to what they say instead of arguing. Pretty much they’re an information bank and give feedback then come up with a solution out of this. They need a bachelor’s degree and the average salary is $54,000 and let’s face it, I doubt I will ever get out of Texas and the Texas salary is $52,000.

 The occupation I’d least want to explore is a childcare worker. Kids are adorable and stuff but like I can’t do that baby talk and how am I supposed to entertain a hyperactive 5 year old when I just wanna watch something on Netflix? I think I got this career because I care about people. Kids are people but they need special care that I lack. I can’t deal with kids end of story.

 Is this an environment in which new ideas and possibilities for people are rewarded?
I think so. Journalism deals with a lot of new ideas all the time but I don’t I as a person will be rewarded but that doesn’t really matter because it’s not me I’m concerned about here.

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Time Management


For people that like wasting their time, yes my pie does look tasty over half spent on sleeping and being on the internet/socializing. But time you enjoy spent isn’t wasted time, so whatever. I spend 29% of time mainly on Netflix or doing something else on the internet, 25% sleeping, 10.5% eating, 8.3% showering and painting my face on, 8.3% going to and from Fort Worth, 8% actually in class, 6% doing homework or studying, 2% cleaning or doing chores (I’m not a slob, I promise) and the remaining 2.9% of my time is free time. Most of my time goes to “wasting time” and the least goes to doing chores. I don’t really mind. It may not seem balanced but so far I’ve done well. That 2.9% free time is used up by going to the pet store or just whatever comes up that day. Obviously, my biggest time vacuum is Netflix. I will give it up when necessary though. I really want to improve on organizing my time. I do this when I’m about to “burn out” or after it happens which to me is writing on every single mirror so I won’t forget. My biggest goal right now is to get A’s this semester. As long as I study smarter, not harder, then I’ll get there. If I don’t, I’ll just cry for hours. I hate crying and will do anything to prevent it. So yeah.

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MBTI Results

I got 1 out of 4 correct guesses on my 4-letter combination. I’m and INFP but I thought I was and ISTJ. I only got introversion right which I have known I’m an introvert for like 2 years now (hashtag hipster.) My other three letters are NFP. I believe I’m more of a Sensing person because I always go off of the vibes I receive. I pretty much agree with everything else. I usually pick the most logical solution that doesn’t hurt people. I alternate a lot between J and P but whatever that doesn’t really bother me.

My strengths are that I come off as friendly and I’m open to new opportunities as they come along. Since I’m really leaning towards doing something with journalism, coming off as friendly and nice is a good thing. I’m literally open to new opportunities like if something came along that was more interesting than going to school, I would take it especially if it was in something that really interests me. Also, I look at the big picture rather than just specific things so I guess as long as I get things done that’s all that matters. One of my challenges is that I may miss opportunities because I’m “reluctant to do the necessary networking” which is actually really true. I’m not that social and I need to work on it ASAP. Being open to new opportunities also is a challenge because I’m always waiting for something greater or bigger to come along which leads me to “overwhelm myself with possibilities.” What I really got from that is that I need to stop being so shy and get off my butt and start making decisions because I’ll let things pass me by.

I looked at a producer. They’re different areas like radio and tv and film and newscast. It seems pretty cool overall but the time and dedication is just way too much for me. Like, they’re responsible for everyone and everything is on them and I learned in high school that I will break down in tears because everyone blames me for everything. If it wasn’t for that, I think I’d be more interested in being a producer. I like how they make things happen and are more of a behind the scenes type of job and that’s something I’d kinda like to do. They also get paid an average of like $70,000 a year.

One of my popular job occupations was a commercial art director which didn’t actually show what they are just gave me a list of things related to it. Anyway, I ended up with “commercial and industrial designer” which is really really really artsy. I can’t draw, I can write better (sometimes.) One of the least popular occupations was a petroleum engineer which I actually found kind of cool. It deals a lot with math and physics which is something I’m pretty good at. I taught myself physics actually. Petroleum engineers devise new methods to extract oil and look over all the drilling being done and find ways to make it more efficient. It actually seemed really interesting and now I want to know more and it’s now just because the average salary is over $100,000. I’m way more interested in this even though I’m more of a green energy person. I know this may be a hassle because I’ll have to conform because my personality doesn’t really match up with what’s expected and I won’t be appreciated but     I    d o n ‘ t     k n o w

Now I seriously have no clue what I want to do. I’m back at square one.

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There are a lot of things that inspire me and a lot of things that I value. I value my friendships, trust, honesty, family, someone’s affection. I can be needy, really needy at times. Music for one inspires me. It’s not about making it but rather the effect it has on me and people like me. I like how it makes people feel less alone and how certain songs can create the soundtrack of their life. I just, I don’t know. I don’t know what I want to do and that scares me. I ask myself this every single day. I kind of want to be a writer but that’ll get me nowhere because I’m not that talented. I kind of want to major in journalism because I like to talk to people and just know things. At first, it’s hard and I don’t want to do start a conversation with a stranger but then I just can’t shut up and I want to know everything. I want to hear their opinion on everything we talk about. I just find other people interesting and I want to know them. Maybe I’m trying to live through other people, I don’t know. I never know. I want a job I love, something that doesn’t feel forced and boring and awful. I don’t want to be in a “corporate prison.” I want to be fun and spirited but I also don’t want to struggle to survive. Please help.

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Bucket List

  1. Graduate from UNT in 4 years or sooner if possible

    I’m really scared that I’ll completely slack off and even though I try I won’t try hard enough and I’ll end up crying because I failed a class. I really don’t want that to happen

  2. Travel

    I really want to explore some part of the country while I’m young and still able to stay up all night with very slim consequences

  3. Make strong friendships

    I’m fine with the friends I have, I just want to make stronger connections with people who are more like me

  4. Achieve and maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA

    Yeah I’m just really scared of failing and I want to prevent myself from crying for hours in my dorm

  5. Find myself

    Sometimes I feel like I’m still the Denise that my parents and friends expect me to be but not really who I want to be. And quite frankly I have no idea who the real “Denise” is either. I hear most people find out who they are when they’re in college and I hope that happens to me. I don’t want to be that crazy middle aged woman that leaves her family to do something really cliché and stupid like backpack through Europe.

  6. Learn to play the guitar

    I can play a couple of other instruments but trying to play the guitar part to a song on clarinet is so much more difficult than actually just making covers.

  7. Take risks

    I think that when you step out of your comfort zone for a while it’s actually way more fun and those memories will probably be better than to typical ones where something happened on tv

  8. Do the stereotypical college things

    They seem like fun and crazy on tv and if people are already assuming I’m doing them, why not?

  9. Explore and find cool things on this campus

    Almost every building has cool hidden things. For example, back home there was a park that had tunnels that led to a high school. What if there’s some here or hidden passage ways. I just think those would be really cool to find and use to your own advantage.

  10. Habitat for Humanity

    I’ve always wanted to do this since I heard about it like 2 or 3 years ago and it’s a really nice thing to do for people who need it. It’d be fun (I think) to build houses who really need them while making friendships. I just really like to help people ok?Image

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An Introduction to Me

Everyone’s good at describing someone else, in either a positive or negative way, but it’s always the hardest when it comes to describing ourselves. My name’s Denise and I grew up in the town of Fort Worth, just about 45 minutes south of Denton. I have two parents that will bend over backwards for me and two siblings I hate to admit I love. I was never really social and I’m still not to this date, except for social networking sites. Somehow I’ve managed to make people think I’m way more interesting and funny than I really am.

I have met 4 of the greatest people on this planet, my best friends or as I call them, “The Boos.” I met them only a year ago but it seems like we’ve been friends since we were in diapers. All I can say is that they’re the best and they have still been my best friends at my lowest points in life and the highest. I couldn’t handle a person with the same personality as myself. I know what my flaws are, no one else needs to tell me. I’m sort of working on them.

My favorite thing to do is sleep. I like to rest and I like to dream so sleeping is just perfect. When I’m awake, I like to read. I like books that put me through an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. The same goes for movies, the more the drama, the better. I hate novel based movies because they just ruin the book with their selection of actors to play the characters and the changes in the screenplay. The movie just ruins my own mental movie. I also like going to music festivals and shows. There’s just something about jumping to the beat of a song, sweating through my clothes and being way too close to people that really excites me.

This is the youngest boo, Eileen (age 15)Image

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