UGST Final Project

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3 Responses to UGST Final Project

  1. logansloan says:

    I liked that you did both a ted talk and an in plain english video. I thought your video flowed really well from idea to idea. I had so much fun working with you on this project and am glad to see that it turned out so well! I can’t wait to suffer through math with you next semester

  2. Hard work pays off. Great video! I know you will love audio production. I had fun working on Road Trip Nation with you and all the stress you, Ashley, Greyson and I acquired. I hope I see you around campus and on graduation day! Much Love ❤

  3. I agree! I think it flowed nicely, and I liked that you used both. I mean, why not, right? What am I going to do without you in English next semester.):

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