Strong Interest and MBTI Career Report

My one and only letter/theme was C – conventional. Even at that it was moderate. On the most part it is accurate. I do like to organize stuff and keep records and snoop around a bit. Long story short, I like to of clerical work. When it comes to work or homework I can be very very organized, the rest of my life is just a total mess. I just make that my number one priority so I guess it pretty accurate. My scale is one big in between my scores range from 37 – 46. I guess I’m a little of everything.

 One of my top ten occupations is Broadcast Journalist. I would love to do this. They set up interviews and gather people’s opinions and report on it. They format their own report and pitch in new story ideas. It’s like I’m getting paid to “creep” which I already do for fun. I just don’t want very little to no airtime. I love to dig around and find out what’s going and talk to different people about a certain issue I just don’t want to be on tv in front of a lot of people, ya feel?

 My personal style scales are

  1. You likely prefer a balance of working alone and working with people
  2. You seem to prefer to learn by doing
  3. You probably prefer to lead my example
  4. You may dislike taking risks
  5. You probably enjoy the role of independent contribor

Yes, yes a thousand times. I’m al for a team effort but sometimes I just need to do things on my own. I don’t want to read and go to class to learn to do something; I’d rather have someone show me. Leadership isn’t for me. I don’t want to be given the title, I’d rather earn it and have people follow me out of their own free will. I don’t like to take huge risks, because I don’t want to mess up. There are times when I’m like “yolo” and go for it and benefit me. 5 and 1 go hand in hand so I guess I was leaning more towards on taking on my own responsibilities than share them.

 Even though I’m a C, I was given CAE majors. I’m way more interested in the A majors though. Both journalism and mass communication caught my attention but then I found out mass communication is just like news and stuff like that. I’m not too sure what it really is and UNT doesn’t offer it so that’s a bummer. Journalism is at UNT and there’s two different journalism departments. One with a concentration in news(pretty much mass communication, I think) which deals with reporting, writing, photojournalism and editing which I think I’m gonna do and the other is a concentration in strategic communications which is advertising, public relations and integrated communication. I have no idea what that really means to be honest and that’s why I don’t want to do this particular journalism major.

 My very top career field is financial advising and I already do that and I don’t really like it so I decided to go with editing. I picked public relations specialist just because it has a bright outlook. They “promote or create an intended public image for individuals, groups, or organizations.” They listen to people and adapt to what they say instead of arguing. Pretty much they’re an information bank and give feedback then come up with a solution out of this. They need a bachelor’s degree and the average salary is $54,000 and let’s face it, I doubt I will ever get out of Texas and the Texas salary is $52,000.

 The occupation I’d least want to explore is a childcare worker. Kids are adorable and stuff but like I can’t do that baby talk and how am I supposed to entertain a hyperactive 5 year old when I just wanna watch something on Netflix? I think I got this career because I care about people. Kids are people but they need special care that I lack. I can’t deal with kids end of story.

 Is this an environment in which new ideas and possibilities for people are rewarded?
I think so. Journalism deals with a lot of new ideas all the time but I don’t I as a person will be rewarded but that doesn’t really matter because it’s not me I’m concerned about here.

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