Parting Gift

It’s hard to believe the semester is practically over. I’ve made some friendships in UGST and I’m surely gonna miss everyone in the class. I shared some laughs with a few people and even those I didn’t really talk to much were great people. Maybe it was because we had 3 classes together but I feel kind of attached to y’all. I’ve learned a lot from UGST. I learned my personality types and what my themes are, conventional and artistic. This class made me break out of my shell. If you think I’m shy now, you should have seen me six months ago. And if you don’t think I’m shy, well then that means that I’m gutting better at being outspoken. UGST also made me realize that my career needs to be something I’m passionate about rather than something that’s safe and I kind of like. I declared my major: pre-RTVF and I’m more than excited to start putting my dreams into action. Despite being nearly deaf from my left ear, I want to pursue a career in audio production. I love music and I want to work with it for the rest of my life. Last but not least personal lessons I’ve learned is to not procrastinate. I’ll probably still do it but it won’t be so bad anymore.
My journey through this class reminds me a bit of the song “Came Out Swinging” by The Wonder Years. Listen to it if you want.

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