Group Projects.

First of all, I am typing all of this from a concert so I’m not really sure how it’ll turn out.
Anyway, I have a love/hate relationship with group projects. Yeah, sure, in theory they sound amazing and are beneficial. Sometimes they are actually. But usually they’re a disaster. I like well planned projects where everyone does their share. I hate group projects that leave me doing all the work and not letting me sleep that night.
In a group, I almost always pull through and even pick up everyone else’s slack. I have never just blown off an assignment because I know and hate that stressed out feel. Honestly, I don’t really like group projects because of my past experiences.
Things I’ve learned is to shut up, complain on twitter and to my friends for being dumped with all the work and to prepare for a sleepless night. I can’t really do much because it affects my grade and I don’t wanna get a low grade.

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