Time Management


For people that like wasting their time, yes my pie does look tasty over half spent on sleeping and being on the internet/socializing. But time you enjoy spent isn’t wasted time, so whatever. I spend 29% of time mainly on Netflix or doing something else on the internet, 25% sleeping, 10.5% eating, 8.3% showering and painting my face on, 8.3% going to and from Fort Worth, 8% actually in class, 6% doing homework or studying, 2% cleaning or doing chores (I’m not a slob, I promise) and the remaining 2.9% of my time is free time. Most of my time goes to “wasting time” and the least goes to doing chores. I don’t really mind. It may not seem balanced but so far I’ve done well. That 2.9% free time is used up by going to the pet store or just whatever comes up that day. Obviously, my biggest time vacuum is Netflix. I will give it up when necessary though. I really want to improve on organizing my time. I do this when I’m about to “burn out” or after it happens which to me is writing on every single mirror so I won’t forget. My biggest goal right now is to get A’s this semester. As long as I study smarter, not harder, then I’ll get there. If I don’t, I’ll just cry for hours. I hate crying and will do anything to prevent it. So yeah.

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One Response to Time Management

  1. Laura Pasquini says:

    I don’t want to see any (or many) tears from your either. Please let me know what you want to work on to “study smarter” this semester? If you don’t reach “all A’s” that’s okay as well – but let’s see what we can do to help you get there.

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