UGST Goes On Tour

The past two class days have taken tours in both the library and career center. Both are actually really useful, we just don’t take full advantage of it, which we really should because we’re paying for it. 

The day we visited the library I learned that each major has a library liaison. For example, the library liaison for Library & Information Science is Cindy Batman. The list of liaisons is found at

Second, at the library I also learned that the library has an online database where you can find almost anything. It’s right on the home page and we can access online articles, subject guides, e-journals, books and search in other databases as well. Just go to or you can just use a computer at the library that already opens your web browser to it.

Today we visited the career center, what I found most useful was the eagle network, there you can find internships, jobs or even a mentor just go to and create an account to access all it’s features.

Second, I learned that the career center helps with creating a really good resume and even walks you through it on the optimal resume. This can be done in person or by going online to

And here’s a tip: print at the library as much as you are allowed to, after all we are paying for it.

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