MBTI Results

I got 1 out of 4 correct guesses on my 4-letter combination. I’m and INFP but I thought I was and ISTJ. I only got introversion right which I have known I’m an introvert for like 2 years now (hashtag hipster.) My other three letters are NFP. I believe I’m more of a Sensing person because I always go off of the vibes I receive. I pretty much agree with everything else. I usually pick the most logical solution that doesn’t hurt people. I alternate a lot between J and P but whatever that doesn’t really bother me.

My strengths are that I come off as friendly and I’m open to new opportunities as they come along. Since I’m really leaning towards doing something with journalism, coming off as friendly and nice is a good thing. I’m literally open to new opportunities like if something came along that was more interesting than going to school, I would take it especially if it was in something that really interests me. Also, I look at the big picture rather than just specific things so I guess as long as I get things done that’s all that matters. One of my challenges is that I may miss opportunities because I’m “reluctant to do the necessary networking” which is actually really true. I’m not that social and I need to work on it ASAP. Being open to new opportunities also is a challenge because I’m always waiting for something greater or bigger to come along which leads me to “overwhelm myself with possibilities.” What I really got from that is that I need to stop being so shy and get off my butt and start making decisions because I’ll let things pass me by.

I looked at a producer. They’re different areas like radio and tv and film and newscast. It seems pretty cool overall but the time and dedication is just way too much for me. Like, they’re responsible for everyone and everything is on them and I learned in high school that I will break down in tears because everyone blames me for everything. If it wasn’t for that, I think I’d be more interested in being a producer. I like how they make things happen and are more of a behind the scenes type of job and that’s something I’d kinda like to do. They also get paid an average of like $70,000 a year.

One of my popular job occupations was a commercial art director which didn’t actually show what they are just gave me a list of things related to it. Anyway, I ended up with “commercial and industrial designer” which is really really really artsy. I can’t draw, I can write better (sometimes.) One of the least popular occupations was a petroleum engineer which I actually found kind of cool. It deals a lot with math and physics which is something I’m pretty good at. I taught myself physics actually. Petroleum engineers devise new methods to extract oil and look over all the drilling being done and find ways to make it more efficient. It actually seemed really interesting and now I want to know more and it’s now just because the average salary is over $100,000. I’m way more interested in this even though I’m more of a green energy person. I know this may be a hassle because I’ll have to conform because my personality doesn’t really match up with what’s expected and I won’t be appreciated but     I    d o n ‘ t     k n o w

Now I seriously have no clue what I want to do. I’m back at square one.

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