An Introduction to Me

Everyone’s good at describing someone else, in either a positive or negative way, but it’s always the hardest when it comes to describing ourselves. My name’s Denise and I grew up in the town of Fort Worth, just about 45 minutes south of Denton. I have two parents that will bend over backwards for me and two siblings I hate to admit I love. I was never really social and I’m still not to this date, except for social networking sites. Somehow I’ve managed to make people think I’m way more interesting and funny than I really am.

I have met 4 of the greatest people on this planet, my best friends or as I call them, “The Boos.” I met them only a year ago but it seems like we’ve been friends since we were in diapers. All I can say is that they’re the best and they have still been my best friends at my lowest points in life and the highest. I couldn’t handle a person with the same personality as myself. I know what my flaws are, no one else needs to tell me. I’m sort of working on them.

My favorite thing to do is sleep. I like to rest and I like to dream so sleeping is just perfect. When I’m awake, I like to read. I like books that put me through an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. The same goes for movies, the more the drama, the better. I hate novel based movies because they just ruin the book with their selection of actors to play the characters and the changes in the screenplay. The movie just ruins my own mental movie. I also like going to music festivals and shows. There’s just something about jumping to the beat of a song, sweating through my clothes and being way too close to people that really excites me.

This is the youngest boo, Eileen (age 15)Image

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